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xtra Light 10'' Pandeiro with brass jingles

One of Contemporanea´s top class pandeiros!
Like all super-light pandeiros the tension hoop is made of flat material. Whenever you see a flatrim pandeiro, the head is wrapped around a a piece of wire instead of being pressed an a ring. Naturally this saves weight! The 5 pairs of jingles are made of brass. A further characteristic of this instrument is its flat wood frame which is especially suitable for percussionists with smaller hands simply because it it easier to hold. If you have big hands you will probably find it more comfortable to hold a pandeiro with a wider frame.
Light pandeiros are ideal for playing the Marcos Suzano technique!
Also beginners will enjoy learning with a light pandeiro. The strength to hold a pandeiro in its playing position still needs to be developed and heavy instruments are often considered frustrating in an early stage of learning.
Beautiful sound and classic look - an absolute blast!
Have more fun playing - go superlight!