Legendary Forró Triangle

£110.00 £200.00

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Simply the best triangle for forró, ever created. 
Handmade in Brazil by master "Burrego" this triangle is used by almost all the best forró bands and is the dream for any aspiring triangle player.
Although each triangle produced by master Burrego is one of its kind, the triangle for sale here has the same size, weight and sound characteristics of the triangles used by Trio Dona Zefa, Trio Bastiao, Bicho de Pe, Raizes do Sertao, Diego Oliveira, Trio Juazeiro, Dona Zaira, Trio Candieiro, just to name a few.
The package includes the Triangle, The metal beater and case.I 
This item come from Brazil may take longer.  We don't keep stock . They produce when we get the order .