Mestre Gennaro, picture by Cineasta Fred Alves


"Me Leva", the title of the new single by the former member of Trio Nordestino, now known as Mestre Gennaro, was the theme of a major production by the Pernambuco director Fred Alves, winner of the Gonzagao Trophy in Campina Grande (PB) with the film "Estradar," which also featured Mestre Gennaro as a character.

London was the stage for capturing the images that brought to life the music video "Me Leva," the first 8K film of forró, the genre inherited from Luiz Gonzaga and his followers, such as Mestre Gennaro, who had a relationship of friendship and respect with the king of baião.

Today in the artistic scene, Mestre Gennaro is undoubtedly one of the greatest instrumentalists in Brazil, comparable to the greatest, Dominguinhos, with whom he had many musical encounters.

Originally from Alagoas, Mestre Gennaro was awarded the title of citizen of Pernambuco in 2019, for keeping the state's culture alive and preserving it through his work dedicated to regional rhythms.

The new song "Me Leva" brings in its lyrics and melody feelings that evoke "saudade" (longing) and "love," elements that have always been part of the essence of the xote rhythm, an integral part of authentic regional forró.


The extremely innovative music video was filmed through the lenses of director Fred Alves, in the streets of Camden Town, a popular neighborhood in London, undoubtedly marking a milestone in the history of forró, using the highest 8K technology, and finalized by the Dutch company Eximius Filmes.

The direction also featured the co-production of the young director from Paraíba, Gabriel Lima.

With a captivating visual narrative and an exciting soundtrack, "Me Leva" promises to enchant lovers of the rhythm that has captivated the world.

And I wouldn't hesitate to say that once again, forró has triumphed!

By Marcelo Rossiter.

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