The Amazing Trio Cristalino: A Journey of Tradition and Music

The Amazing Trio Cristalino: A Journey of Tradition and Music

In 1992, the city of Feira de Santana in Bahia witnessed the birth of a group that would become a legend in the Forró Pé de Serra scene: Trio Cristalino. Founded by the talented zabumba player Alfeu, the trio quickly captured hearts and ears with its original lineup. Alfeu, together with Quincas dos Oito Baixos on the accordion and Val on the triangle and vocals, embarked on a remarkable journey, bringing the tradition of forró to various venues in São Paulo.

Initial Lineup and Early Success

The original lineup of Trio Cristalino brought a unique combination of talent and passion for music. Alfeu, with his unparalleled skill on the zabumba, joined forces with Quincas dos Oito Baixos, a master of the accordion, and Val, whose voice stood out as one of the most beautiful in Forró Pé de Serra. Together, they captivated audiences with memorable performances, solidifying their presence in São Paulo's music scene. The trio became known for the vibrant energy of their performances, transforming each show into a true forró party.

The New Lineup and First Album

Over the years, inevitable changes occurred. Alfeu and Quincas dos Oito Baixos left the trio, but Val, determined to keep the essence of Trio Cristalino alive, formed a new lineup in 2002. Now, with Tony Lima, also known as Tony Maceió, on the zabumba, and Damião on the accordion, the trio released the acclaimed LP "Trio Cristalino - Ao Vivo - 2002". This album captured the raw and authentic energy of the trio's live performances, cementing their reputation in the music scene.

Participation in Projects and Festivals

The new lineup of Trio Cristalino not only maintained the group's musical quality but also expanded its reach. In 2010 and 2011, the trio participated in the "Coletânea - Festival Rootstock," an event that celebrates traditional forró and its roots. Additionally, they were part of the "Equilíbrio" project, which aimed to promote Brazilian music in a broader context. Trio Cristalino performed in various forró venues in São Paulo, including the famous "Caviar," and also at SESC venues in several states, where they were always enthusiastically received by the audience.

Loss and Renewal

Trio Cristalino's journey was not without its challenges. The passing of the talented accordionist Damião was a heavy blow, leading to Tony's departure from the group. Even so, Val kept the flame alive, bringing in new members to continue the journey. Currently, Trio Cristalino consists of Cristiano Campos on the zabumba and João Vitor on the accordion, keeping the tradition of Forró Pé de Serra alive. This renewal was crucial to maintaining the trio's spirit, ensuring the music continues to play and enchant new generations of fans.

A Legacy of Over Twenty Years

With more than two decades of history, Trio Cristalino is a symbol of resilience and passion for northeastern culture. The group has performed in important forró venues, including the iconic "Caviar," and toured various SESC venues across several Brazilian states. By participating in major festivals, Trio Cristalino continues to strive for the preservation and dissemination of authentic Forró Pé de Serra.

Cultural Impact and Future

Trio Cristalino's cultural impact goes beyond music. They represent a living connection to the traditions of northeastern Brazil, bringing the culture of Forró Pé de Serra to the heart of São Paulo and other states. Val, with his powerful and charismatic voice, along with new members Cristiano Campos and João Vitor, continues to attract and inspire a new generation of forró enthusiasts. The trio not only keeps the tradition alive but also reinvents it, adapting to modern times while preserving the essence of the genre.

Future Performances

Exciting news for forró fans in Europe: Trio Cristalino is set to perform at Forró London in 2025. Forró London is one of the most prestigious festivals dedicated to forró music outside of Brazil. Held annually in the vibrant city of London, the festival attracts artists and enthusiasts from around the world, celebrating the rich culture and joyous rhythms of forró. With workshops, live performances, and dance sessions, Forró London offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and immersion in the forró community. Trio Cristalino's participation in this festival underscores their ongoing commitment to spreading the authentic sounds of Forró Pé de Serra globally.

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