Forró Psiu Festival 2019


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 Forró Festival of Berlin! 24th - 27 January 2019

 What you should expect:

  • many workshops of different styles
  • unforgettable night parties
  • fantastic music shows
  • open air forró
  • musical class
  • special guests
  • teachers’ presentations
  • “white nights” and famous bridges as a general background


Carlos Frevo
Juliana Braga
Marion Lima


Fabio Reis

Samba de Gafieira
Samba no Pé
..more info soon to be announced..

-Forró Intensive course-
At the intensive course the participants have the opportunity to get to know and work intensively with one teacher. They will form a firm group on which the course will be based and build up over three days.
- Teachers: Juliana Braga, Marion Lima
- Limited number of participants
- Level: only for intermediate and advanced students


Thursday  24 01-2019:
Opening Party DJ Tião do Forró

Friday 25 01-2019:
Luizinho de Serra & Band
Beto Farias - percussion
Kell Magalhães - special guest

Saturday 26-01-2019:

Geraldinho Lins & Band

Sunday 27-01-2019:
Sevy Nascimento & Band