Joca Teixeira: From Cubatão to the World, Promoting Brazilian Culture

Joca Teixeira: From Cubatão to the World, Promoting Brazilian Culture

Joaquim Eduardo Teixeira, better known as Joca, is a true multifaceted professional, with a career that spans advertising, design, and cultural production. Born in Cubatão on April 28, Joca, now 46 years old, has distinguished himself as a fervent advocate for Northeastern culture, both in Southeast Brazil and around the world.

 Education and Career Beginnings

Joca’s academic journey began at Universidade Monte Serrat - UNIMONTE, where he graduated in Social Communication in the year 2000. He complemented his education with a course in Graphic Design at the renowned Panamericana School of Art. Early in his career, Joca worked in the creative sector in various advertising, design, and communication companies, which provided him with a solid foundation for future transitions.

Transition to Audiovisual

After gaining experience in the creative sector, Joca directed his career towards the audiovisual industry, working as a producer at Gullane Filmes, one of Brazil's leading film production companies. During this period, he contributed to the realisation of significant film projects, solidifying his position in the market. Additionally, Joca collaborated with the renowned filmmaker of Brazilian Northeastern culture, Fred Alves, on various projects, further showcasing his dedication to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the region.

 Foundation of Instituto Querô

Demonstrating a strong commitment to inclusion and cultural development, Joca joined the founding team of Instituto Querô. This organisation offers free audiovisual training and capacity building for young residents of high-risk areas and students from public schools in the Baixada Santista region. The work of Instituto Querô has been fundamental in promoting social inclusion and providing new opportunities for young talent.

Festivals and Promotion of Northeastern Culture

Joca's passion for culture is evident in various projects he has conceived and curated. He is the creator of the Mangue Arte Cultura Festival, an event that celebrates artistic and cultural diversity. Additionally, Joca is the curator of the Cubatão Danado de Bom Festival, the largest Northeastern culture festival outside of the Northeast. This event highlights and values Northeastern cultural traditions and expressions, attracting audiences from various regions.

Since 2010, Joca has also been the producer and designer of the Forró London festival, which promotes forró culture in the English capital. His dedication to Northeastern culture is evident not only in Brazil but also in his international initiatives.

Cultural Activism

Alongside his professional activities, Joca has always stood out as a cultural agitator. He tirelessly works in favour of culture across various segments, whether as the organiser of his own projects or as a collaborator in initiatives by other artists, groups, or collectives. His willingness to share his professional skills and knowledge aims to encourage the dissemination and access to culture, promoting partnerships and strengthening the local and international cultural scene.

Joca not only celebrates and promotes Northeastern culture in Southeast Brazil but also takes this rich tradition to different parts of the world. His work is a testament to his dedication to Northeastern culture, helping to keep it alive and vibrant, connecting people from diverse backgrounds through art and culture.


Joaquim Eduardo Teixeira, Joca, is an inspiring example of how a passion for culture can transcend geographical and social barriers. From Cubatão to the world, he continues to spread the rich Northeastern tradition, showing that with dedication and creativity, it is possible to make a significant difference in society.

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