Cubatense Paves the Way for Brazilian Forró to Shine in Europe

Cubatense Paves the Way for Brazilian Forró to Shine in Europe

Between March 15th and 17th, the 12th Edition of the Forró London Festival took place in London. Organized by Cubatense Carlos André Serapião de Souza, the festival has become a pioneer of the forró movement in Europe. Since 2012, it has been held in a multifunctional space (Haverstock School) that accommodates all activities, from dance and music workshops to exhibitions.

The event attracts audiences from various parts of the world, and this year's edition continued the festival's tradition of bringing new attractions, such as D2 Trio, Isa Pegado, Chiquinho Alves, and Mestre Gennaro. The program followed the usual format, with classes and workshops in the morning and parties at night, providing participants with an immersion in Brazilian culture, with live DJs and forró pé-de-serra trios.

The event is predominantly attended by Europeans but also attracts lovers of Brazilian culture from various parts of the world, including Japan, the United States, Canada, Eastern Europe, Russia, Norway, Sweden, and other countries, as well as Brazil.

Since its inauguration in 2012, the Forró London Festival has been a milestone in promoting Brazilian forró in Europe. However, long before that, since 2006, Carlos André, a native of Cubatão/SP, has been dedicated to creating an inclusive space for forró lovers across Europe.

Organizing the festival annually in London through his company, Forró London, the event is one of the pioneers in the world and offers a unique opportunity to preserve forró culture through workshops, dance classes, and live performances by pé-de-serra trios.

Previous Editions

Since its creation, the Forró London Festival has hosted renowned artists such as Chico Cesar, Mestrinho, Lucy Alves, and Nádia Maia, among others.

  • 2012: Forro Congress – Rogerinho do Acordeon, Trio Dona Zefa, and Zeu Azevedo
  • 2013: Trio Dona Zefa, Edson Duarte, and Zeu Azevedo
  • 2014: Chico Cesar and Zeu Azevedo
  • 2015: Os Cangaceiros, Lucy Alves, Del Feliz, Amorosa, and Nádia Maia
  • 2016: Os 3 do Nordeste, Del Feliz, Zeu Azevedo, Forró Bamba, França, and others
  • 2017: Trio Nordestino, Pinto do Acordeon, Mestrinho, Mahatma Costa
  • 2018: Benicio Guimarães, Diogo Oliveira, Pinto do Acordeon, Black do Acordeon, and Luiz do Rojão
  • 2019: Junior Dias, Hamilton Bonfim, Cainã Oliveira, Michael Fuzuê, Remilda Cardoso, Trio Macaíba, Os 3 do Nordeste
  • 2020: Erivaldinho do Acordeon, Furdunço, Del Feliz, Alex Trapiá
  • 2021: Exceptionally not held due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 2022: Mestre Gennaro, Alex Trapiá, Zeu Azevedo, and Del Feliz
  • 2023: Trio Clandestino, Karen Fontes, Tais Nogueira, Bela Raiane, and Cainã Oliveira
  • 2024: D2 Trio, Isa Pegado, Chiquinho Alves, and Mestre Gennaro
  • 2025: Trio Cristalino and much more, stay tuned!

For press information:
Carlos André – General Coordinator Forró London – Tel.: +44 7882039756

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