Welcome to the Forró de Colônia Festival 2018!


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Welcome to the Forró de Colônia Festival 2018!

This year we invite you to celebrate the 6th edition of our festival with us here in Cologne! So better be prepared for a weekend full of dance, joy, and music as well as lots of amazing people like yourself 😉

Our many Forró de Colônia members voted for an incredible and fun cast of teachers that will work together to ensure your dancer’s learning curve to reach new peaks during the day. Therefore the two workshops of each level will have the same topic an build up on each other!!

At night we invite you to set the dancefloor on fire at our wonderful parties with high quality bands as always!

But that’s not all! This year again you will be able to book private classes with your favourite teachers! Learn that one special move, work on your dance technique, or fine tune your own style. In the private class you decide what you want to learn!

You are interested in learning more about different rhythms and play Forró related instruments? Then visit our intensive 1,5 h music classes that will each focus separately on playing either triangle, zabumba or pandeiro.

And again we intentionally limited the the programm to two blocks of workshops per day in order to have more time for relaxation, fun games, and simply meeting people.


We are looking forward to you!